Times are tough. We know. Watching the news has quickly become a chore to many of us, as newscasters fill us with nothing but news about COVID-19. We turn to watching reruns of old shows to pass the time instead, or spend more time than we’d like to admit scrolling through social media. If you’ve done the latter, you may have noticed how one celebrity is working to pass the time, all the while trying to put a smile on as many people’s faces as possible. Finally, some good news!!!

Some Good News!

John Krasinski is an American actor best known for his involvement in the popular comedy series, The Office. He also starred in the horror film, A Quiet Place (a film he also directed). But, Krasinski isn’t invincible and, like the rest of us, he’s stuck to remaining home to slow the spread of coronavirus. Fortunately, Krasinski has adapted and found a way to connect with people all over the world. Now he’s bringing joy to everyone – right from the comfort of his home office.

Krasinski first took the idea of Some Good News [SGN] to Twitter in late-March. He requested those who saw the tweet to share their good news of the week with him. Within a week, Krasinski had compiled the responses and created a makeshift newscast – complete with the good news sent his way from fans across the globe!

Responses to the show’s first episode were overwhelmingly positive. So he decided to continue production! Not only is the show entertaining to watch, but it’s an incredible way to brighten your day with real goods news submitted by real, everyday people. To watch the show, simply search ‘John Krasinski Some Good News’ on Youtube, and enjoy!

Bigger Projects

Another amazing way Krasinski is reaching out to help during these troubling times using SGN is by using the platform to help health care workers and students. During the third episode of SGN, Krasinski highlights health care works and the positive things they are experiencing – such as the heartfelt moments of watching COVID-19 patients leave the hospital after recovery and the hilarious competition between some COVID-19 survivors as they try to find the wittiest one-liners about their experiences.

For students, Krasinski is going above and beyond by planning an online prom for those whose proms were cancelled due to school closures. Though he can’t quite match the experience of an in-person prom, Krasinski plans to take to Youtube Live on Friday, April 17th. Krasinski plans to DJ the prom with ‘some friends’ – whose identities he’s not yet revealed. No matter who the special guests are, SNGProm is sure to bring at least a little joy to the Class of 2020 – as well as anyone else who joins in to watch!

At Makin Wellness…We know times aren’t easy, and finding good news nowadays begins to seem impossible. If you or someone you know is struggling during these trying times, reach out to our office at 412-532-1249. Or email info@makinwellness.com to schedule a virtual appointment and talk to one of our skilled providers. We will always provide a safe space to talk, and will continue sharing the good news we find in any way that we can.

From all of us at Makin Wellness…..

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember we will make it through these times together!

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Serena Daywalt
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