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2020 is here, spring is in the air, and it is once again Mental Health Awareness Month.

For 71 years, The United States along with Mental Health America have observed May as Mental Health Month. National organizations such as NAMI, Mental Health America, and other affiliates spotlight Mental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and to stop the stigma associated with metal illness.

Mental Health Awareness May 2020 : Tools 2 Thrive

The theme hosted by Mental Health America for 2020 is Tools 2 Thrive and there couldn’t be a better year for it. Tools to aid everyday life can become weapons to battle everyday stressors. Here are a few to take with you:


Being present in the moment creates a sense of calming and combats anxiety. It keeps focus where focus is needed. On YOU! Ways to become more mindful can include yoga, mindful meditation, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy.

Keep a journal:

If you don’t already have a journal , now is a good time to start. Writing down your thoughts will help you to compartmentalize what has happened throughout the day along with the emotions that came with your experiences. But before you finish remember to write down what you are grateful for that day. Ending on a higher note can leave you with a more content feeling. And someday, long after this pandemic has passed it may be interesting to show your grand kids what it was like to be in this time.

Take a walk:

Exercise is one of the best tools you have in your arsenal to beat out stress. You will find the greatest benefits come from regular exercise but even a little is better than nothing. For those of us with disabilities, physical therapy exercises are just as good. You will find yourself energized and less focused on what ails you.

Avoid procrastinating what you’ve been procrastinating:

We all know who we are!!!! And deep down inside we all know how great it feels to finally finish that project you’ve “honest to god” been meaning to finish for the past 3 years!

It gives you a reason to celebrate not just your accomplishment, but also reap in the moment of self gratification you may finally give to yourself.

Deep breathing and meditation:

Now, we started with mindfulness. And deep breathing and meditation both play into that. The reason I bring it up again is because it truly is that important in dealing with every day stressors or even major disturbances. Centering the mind and regulating breathing are crucial in calming the senses and taming anxiety and depression. Deep breathing and meditation techniques can be found online but if you find you need more assistance, counselors like Laura Stewart and Larry Balbach can help guide you through proven techniques to help aid in everyday stress, anxiety, and depression.

Online counseling:

Online counseling is a fantastic way to receive help with mental and emotional issues that you may not otherwise have access to. Or if you simply don’t have time. It’s proven effective for people with social anxiety and phobias as well as depression and anxiety. It is also proven effective for teenagers. We are indefinitely in time of pandemic and online therapy is a solution to any counseling needs you may have.

What a delightful way to live. Stress free (or as free as possible). Seems simple enough. So let’s not stop there.

Mental Health Awareness Week May 18-24 2020

The Mental Health Foundation is hosting Mental Health Week from May 18th -May 24th. The theme for this week will be “Kindness”.

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So raise your hand if you like to smile, then get out there and spread the love! A smile goes a long way. And with the world ever-changing, those little things are starting to mean more than ever.

For more information on events or how you can help please visit Mental Health Awareness Month May 2020

For more information on online counseling and therapy please call (412)532-1249 or visit

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Rahmah Albugami,
Clinical Team Lead
Outpatient Professional Counselor
Sara Makin MSEd, LPC, NCC

Sara Makin MSEd, LPC, NCC

All articles are written in conjunction with the Makin Wellness Research Team.

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