5 Ways to Mentally Turn The Tables On Quarantine


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Table of Contents

After having hundreds of sessions surrounding how to cope during Covid and this second round of quarantine restrictions, our team at Makin Wellness finds it crucial to focus on mental stability during this most challenging time.

5 ways to lesson the feeling of isolation in quarantine.

I’m going to talk about 5 mental health tips that have been curated for you by our outstanding and highly rated clinical team to help you to stay mentally healthy and stable during this really challenging time.

  1. Developing a positive daily routine.
  2. Dress for the type of life you want to be living.
  3. Go outside for sunlight and fresh air.
  4. Exercise
  5. Reach out to the people you most care about.

First, develop a positive routine for yourself.

You may not consciously realize it but you already have a routine .

But it is serving you or is it draining you?

Are you waking up in the morning doing things that add positivity and good emotions to your day or are you waking up checking your phone, going through emails, feeling more and more stressed as you go through the switches?

How will you set the tone for your day?

It’s important to consider going to bed early and waking up at a reasonable time. If possible, waking up before your alarm is ideal.

mental health

If that isn’t for you, be sure your alarm sound is not something jarring. You want to wake up to a sound more relaxing and pleasant. Creating a positive routine in the morning will set your day for success.

A positive morning routine for quarantine and after.

You ideally want to do things when you first wake up to get yourself feeling good.

An example of a morning routine that can be positive for your mental health is waking up thinking to yourself how grateful you are for being alive. Try to go through your gratitude list in your mind.

Some examples of supporting habits for your daily routine are:

  • Reading something positive before and after you begin and finish your day.
  • Listening to positive content throughout the day.
  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Taking your vitamins
  • Drinking water

Second, dress for the type of life you want to be living, regardless of quarantine.

I know a lot of us, myself included, really took advantage of the sweats and more comfortable clothing choices.


To all our female friends out there, you may have stopped wearing makeup and doing the things you typically would have before Covid.

This is a big no-no. You want to get dressed and you still need to get yourself looking good.

There’s a big connection between your outward appearance and how you feel.

This is not shallow.

As humans, we typically feel better about ourselves if we feel like we look good on the outside.

Maybe you’re not wearing high heels, and gentlemen, maybe you’re not wearing a normal suit….. but wear something that makes you feel good.

Brush your teeth and take care of your hair. Make yourself look great and you will feel great. I promise.

Going outdoors combats seasonal depression.

Our third tip is to force yourself to go outside, even if its only for a few minutes a day.

This connects with seasonal depression. It is so important to get sunlight.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you are already aware that we don’t get much sunlight in the winter time. If you’re not able to get much sunlight or live in a place with little sunlight, try a seasonal depression lamp! It is recommended to check with your doctor before ordering and can be very helpful in leveling out moods.

Why is it so important to go outside during quarantine?

The purpose of getting outside is not only for sunlight, but also for fresh air.

If you decide to go walking, that’s a form of exercise, which is phenomenal for mental and physical health.

It never ceases to amaze me how much good can come out of simply going outside, even if it only for a few minutes every day.

It’s too cold outside!

Sometimes backlash we hear is that it’s too cold, especially if you live in Pittsburgh, Philly, or anywhere in Pennsylvania for that matter.

But here’s the thing…. You can layer up. There are ways to stay warm. Take advantage of the outdoors while adapting to the seasons.

If you’re living somewhere like the city or are in a lock down situation where you really don’t feel comfortable going outside, try to keep your windows open for as long as the weather permits. If you have a yard, staying on your property but still going outside is just as good.


Exercise is a usual suspect in aiding physical and mental health.

We also understand exercise isn’t for everyone, but I have to reiterate it’s absolute importance.

For those of us who are unfamiliar…. here are some easy and encouraging options:

Other online gems with virtual workouts that you can do.

You can search for any type of workout you can think of with virtual versions. Solid core is really great workout too.

Finding motivation to exercise.

quarantine exercise

If you aren’t a huge fan of exercise I would highly recommend that you consider what it is that you might like to do the most and attend a virtual class or pull up a video and follow that.

People seem to be more motivated when working with other people so I do highly recommend that for those of you who struggle to find the motivation.

Reach out to people you care for.

The last tip I would like to share with you is to reach out to the people you care about.

Maybe you’re not able to go to parties and do different types of holiday events and gatherings that you would normally do, but what you do have the option to do is connect virtually to the people you love and care about.  

You can use:

  • Facetime
  • Skype
  • Duo
  • Other online platforms where you can plan dinners and other events to ensure that you’re still spending time with friends and loved ones.

Oxytocin can sooth isolation in quarantine.

It’s important to spend time and connect with the ones you care about. When you connect with a loved one you release oxytocin which is amazing for mental health.

Oxytocin is the chemical in your brain that makes you feel love and who doesn’t want that?

For further help and information…

We hope these 5 tips will be of service to you, but if you need additional support, all you have to do is connect with a counselor by calling 833-274-HEAL.  Makin Wellness is a highly recommended team that is here to help you heal and become happy again.

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Sara Makin MSEd, LPC, NCC

Sara Makin MSEd, LPC, NCC

All articles are written in conjunction with the Makin Wellness Research Team.

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