Mental Health

5 Ways To Mentally Turn The Tables On Quarantine

Sara Makin

December 13, 2020

With millions of people feeling the effects of Covid and quarantine restrictions, health professionals are focusing more and more on mental stability.

Top rated counselors and therapists from Makin Wellness in Pittsburgh have curated a list ways to lesson the feeling of isolation, anxiety, and sadness during quarantine.

First, develop a positive routine for yourself.

An example of a morning routine that can be positive for your mental  health is waking up thinking to yourself how grateful you are for being alive.

*Reading something positive before and after you begin and finish your day. *Listening to positive content throughout the day. *Exercising *Eating healthy foods *Taking your vitamins *Drinking water

Supporting habits for your daily routine are:

Second, dress for the type of life you want to be living, regardless of quarantine.

There’s a big connection between your outward appearance and how you feel. This is not shallow. As humans, we typically feel better about ourselves if we feel like we look good on the outside.

Third, go outdoors. This will combat seasonal depression.

Go outside, even if its only for a few minutes a day. The purpose of getting outside is not only for sunlight, but also for fresh air. Taking a walk is one of the  simplest forms of exercise and phenomenal for mental and physical health, at any age.

If you’re living somewhere like the city or are in a lock down situation  where you really don’t feel comfortable going outside, try to keep your  windows open for as long as the weather permits. If you have a yard, take advantage of it!

Fourth is the holy grail...exercise.

Exercise is a usual suspect in aiding physical and mental health.

For those who are unfamiliar,  here are some easy and encouraging options:

Understanding exercise isn’t for everyone, it is of absolute importance.

*Yoga with Adrian. *Peloton is a program with very positive instruction.

Our last recommendation...reach out to people you care for.

Maybe you’re not able to go to parties and do different types of  holiday events and gatherings that you would normally do, but what you  do have the option to do is connect virtually to the people you love and  care about.

It is important to spend time and connect with the ones you care about. When you connect with a loved one your brain releases oxytocin which is amazing for mental health. Oxytocin is the chemical in your brain that makes you feel love and who doesn’t want that?

Oxytocin can sooth isolation in quarantine.

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