Anger Management Therapy

Do experience periods of uncontrollable rage or anger that gets you in trouble with your loved ones or even the law?

Are you finding yourself flipping out at any little thing? Do you close friends ever tell you that you are scary when you are mad? Have you found yourself in serious legal trouble as a result of temper?

Makin Wellness is now providing targeting programs and counseling for those who want to manage their anger more effectively. We can provide clients with effective anger management counseling and education.

One of the most important things regarding anger management counseling techniques is to grasp that anger is actually a symptom and not the problem, even though many times anger can manifest some serious issues.  Anger occurs when you are are either feeling frustrated or fearful and is used to regain power and control and to avoid more vulnerable feelings.

You have every right to experience your feelings, but it is the reaction to these feelings that can negatively impact your relationships and your life. It’s so important to face these problems now before things get worse; you don’t want to clean up a mess after your spouse leaves or if the courts mandate you to anger management.

With anger management at Makin Wellness, we can teach you how to deal with negative feelings and to stop reacting to life . You will start to respond to situations and foster more health relationships. In order to help you learn a bit more about anger, we have the most common types below.

10 Types of Anger

  1. Righteous Anger
  2. Defensive Anger
  3. Habitual Anger
  4. Shame – Based Anger
  5. Impulsive Anger
  6. Paranoid Anger
  7. Buried Anger
  8. Hidden Anger
  9. Sneaky Anger
  10. Mood Altering Anger

Our Treatment Approach

At Makin Wellness, we believe in highly individualized treatment approaches, therefore, this outline will be modified to suit your unique needs.

  1. Find out which one of the 10 types of anger applies to our life
  2. Learn about warning signs, symptoms and the impact of anger
  3. Identify what types of “stinkin thinkin” promotes anger
  4. Learn new strategies to help you cope with anger better
  5. Learn more about the difference between unhealthy & health anger
  6. Decrease your body tension by learning and practicing different de-escalation techniques
  7. Learn & practice conflict resolution skills

If you have gotten a court order for anger management treatment , therapy or classes and have any questions please feel free to call us at (412)-532-1249. If you are ready to schedule, you may do so online here . We will contact you to confirm the appointment. Please notice that anger management classes are not covered by any insurance company.

We can help you improve your life today. You not have to live a life filled with frustration, anger or rage. Call us today at 412-532-1249 or book online to schedule your free phone consultation!

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