Online stress management therapy with Makin Wellness​​

Get clinically-proven online stress management therapy from a specialized therapist.

Online stress management therapy with Makin Wellness​

Get clinically-proven online stress management therapy from a specialized therapist.

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How online stress management therapy works

Brief assessment

Answer a few questions about your stress

Personalized match

We'll match you with your specialized grief therapist (typically within 24 hours)

Video Call

Start online therapy

Begin the journey towards a happier you via phone or video sessions

Why choose Makin Wellness for online stress therapy?

Start clinically-proven online stress management today

Personalized treatment

Our therapists are here to understand what you're going through and what you hope to achieve. We'll work together to create a treatment approach that fits you and your needs perfectly.

Research backed care

We deliver results. Our expert therapists use proven techniques like CBT, MBSR, ACT, and more for effective stress management. Choose us for tangible progress.

Convenient therapy

No more commuting stress. Our client-friendly online platform offers anxiety therapy at your doorstep. Schedule weekly sessions on your terms, from your own space.

Measurable progress

Track your stress journey with clear goals and results-oriented therapy. Studies show that you can reduce your symptoms in about 20 sessions at Makin Wellness.*

Stress management specialists

Your top-tier stress specialist receives monthly online training to stay up-to-date on the latest treatments and research, ensuring you get the best care possible.

Symptom relief

You can find relief from the distressing symptoms of stress, including anxiety, inescapable overwhelm, chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

The benefits of online stress management therapy

Emotional validation & understanding

Discover a safe space online where your emotions find understanding, not judgment. Our stress management therapy provides validation, ensuring you're heard and supported on your path to relief.

Emotional regulation & coping skills

Take control of stress with personalized coping skills. Our online therapy equips you with practical strategies to regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, and regain mastery over life's challenges.

Research-backed connection & support

Forge a genuine connection in our stress management therapy. Our therapists offer unwavering support, providing the empathy needed to navigate stressors. You're not alone—start your journey to emotional well-being today.

Stress Management Therapy

Over 1000 5-star reviews

Allison M.You are in great hands
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Makin Wellness offers the highest level of customer care in the industry. I am so impressed with their level of detail, care, follow-through and focus on each of Makin Wellness' clients. You are in great hands with this amazing group.
Dan R.Compassionate
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Very compassionate people. First time ever attending their office. Very helpful and look forward to their service in the future.
Andrew F.Wonderful
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My meeting with Makin Wellness was absolutely wonderful, professional, and thoughtful all while remaining sensitive to my needs. They spoke to me as an individual, not as an illness or insurance number...
Kelsey K.Highly Recommend
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I would recommend Makin Wellness to anyone! The staff is so professional and they all genuinely care to talk with you. They provide so many unique services and the staff wants to help you grow and heal. I highly recommend them!
Sayna M.Amazing
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Amazing service! They are super kind and friendly. They helped me get my furry best friend ESA registered. It was super easy to schedule an appointment and I got my ESA letter released to me the same day!
Matthew A.Fantastic
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My therapist helped me to reduce my anxiety. Thanks so much, Chelsie & Makin Wellness!
HankThey really do help
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Caring, supportive , helpful and everything mental health should be. I have seen my counselor in office & online. Both have been great experiences. Their video sessions are very easy to use and I enjoy meeting without having to leave my home.
Dean D.Makin truly cares
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This place truly cares for everyone's mental wellness, including their employees. Healing really happens here. Therapist are friendly and genuine. No one would care about how much you know unless they know how much you care. Everyone cares here, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and the rest will be history.
Chadrick W.Great company
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Makin Wellness is a great company. They give you a chance to receive service online. Their whole staff is very caring and understanding.
Cynthia G.Passionate
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The team is truly amazing! They really are passionate about the work they do and are committed to people living healthy and happy lives.
Jatimi B.10 stars
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Makin Wellness, my one regret is that we didn't meet sooner. Thank you for staying on top of your profession. I wish I could give you guy's 10 Stars.

5 FAQs about online stress management therapy

Online stress management therapy with Makin Wellness is your personalized pathway to a healthier, more balanced life. It’s a virtual space where you can actively address and conquer the stressors that may be weighing you down. Picture it as a tailored journey, designed to empower you with practical tools and strategies to navigate life’s challenges.

Firstly, the online aspect means flexibility and accessibility. You get to engage with our specialized therapists from the comfort of your own space, creating an environment that fosters openness and comfort. This eliminates the need to commute or adhere to rigid schedules, allowing therapy to seamlessly integrate into your life.

Stress management, at its core, is about understanding and mastering the triggers that cause stress. Through our online platform, you embark on a guided exploration of your unique stressors. Our therapists, well-versed in evidence-based techniques, collaborate with you to identify the sources of stress and develop effective coping mechanisms.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Makin Wellness tailors therapy to your individual needs. We recognize that what works for one person may not work for another. By personalizing your stress management journey, we ensure that the strategies you adopt resonate with your lifestyle, personality, and specific stress points.

Expect a variety of therapeutic modalities. From cognitive-behavioral techniques to mindfulness practices, our experts draw from diverse methodologies to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit. You’ll learn not only how to manage stress at the moment but also how to build resilience for the future.

Moreover, this isn’t just about crisis intervention. It’s a proactive investment in your mental health. Through online stress management therapy, you develop skills that extend far beyond the virtual session, fostering long-term emotional resilience.

In a nutshell, online stress management therapy with Makin Wellness is your dedicated space for growth and transformation. It’s not just about managing stress; it’s about reclaiming control over your life and building a foundation for lasting well-being.

When stress levels soar, it often messes with your ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep, leading to insomnia or restless nights. The good news is, that by taking charge of your stress, you can transform your sleep patterns and, in turn, supercharge your overall mental health.

Picture this: stress as a constant companion wreaking havoc on your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. It could mean struggling to fall asleep, tossing and turning throughout the night, or missing out on that rejuvenating deep sleep. These disruptions don’t just stay confined to the night; they spill over into your daily life, affecting your focus, energy levels, and mood.

The solution? Effective stress management. When you tackle stress head-on, you’re easing the tension in your mind and paving the way for better sleep. It’s a domino effect that can significantly elevate your overall health.

Now, imagine having a guiding hand in this journey. This is where Makin Wellness’ online therapy service comes into play. Through our tailored online stress management therapy, you get personalized support and strategies to navigate and conquer stress. Our specialized therapists can guide you towards techniques that work wonders in relaxing your mind and body, setting the stage for a night of uninterrupted, restful sleep.

Consider establishing a consistent sleep routine and creating a sleep-friendly environment. Small changes like these can amplify the positive impact of stress management on your sleep quality. By prioritizing relaxation techniques and curating a space that promotes sleep, you empower yourself to break free from the cycle of stress-induced sleep disturbances.

In essence, it’s about recognizing that your stress and sleep are intertwined, and taking proactive steps to address both. By managing stress intentionally, with the support of Makin Wellness’ online therapy service, you not only lift the immediate weight of stress. You are also opening the door to nights filled with rejuvenating sleep. This approach isn’t just about sleep and stress; it’s about enhancing your entire quality of life. Are you ready to unlock better sleep and a healthier you? It starts with managing your stress, with Makin Wellness by your side.

The answer is a resounding yes. The toll that unmanaged stress can take on your productivity is significant and multifaceted. Picture this: lower energy levels, a persistent lack of focus, and a constant undercurrent of worry. These elements form a perfect storm that can substantially lower your threshold for completing tasks and stifle your creative output.

Now, let’s delve into the intricacies. High-stress levels often manifest as mental and physical exhaustion, making even the simplest tasks feel like uphill battles. Your ability to concentrate is compromised, leading to a cascade of incomplete or poorly executed work. The perpetual worry that accompanies stress further detracts from your cognitive resources, leaving you with a diminished capacity to tackle tasks efficiently.

The good news is that acquiring effective stress management skills can serve as a game-changer. When equipped with the tools to navigate and alleviate stress, you gain resilience in the face of life’s challenges. This resilience, in turn, translates into enhanced productivity. Picture yourself handling obstacles with grace, maintaining focus amid chaos, and channeling your energy into tasks with renewed vigor.

By honing stress management skills, you not only mitigate the negative effects of stress but also create a conducive environment for heightened productivity. It’s about more than just ticking items off your to-do list; it’s about optimizing your creative output and efficiency throughout the day.

So, the next time stress threatens to derail your productivity train, remember: managing stress isn’t just a luxury; it’s a strategic investment in your ability to excel. Empower yourself with the skills to handle stress, and watch as your productivity soars, allowing you to conquer more tasks and achieve your goals with ease by the end of each day.

Are the pressures of work leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? If so, you might be wondering how online stress management therapy could be the game-changer you need. Let’s explore how incorporating this innovative approach can significantly improve your work-related stress.

Firstly, the good thing about online stress management therapy lies in its accessibility. No need to commute or rearrange your schedule; support is just a click away. This convenience is especially crucial when work demands are high, and time is of the essence. With virtual sessions, you can seamlessly integrate stress management into your routine without adding another layer of stress.

Online therapy provides a safe and confidential space to discuss the specific challenges you’re facing at work. Whether it’s looming deadlines, challenging colleagues, or the overall demands of your role, a trained therapist can offer tailored strategies to navigate these stressors effectively. They provide valuable insights and coping mechanisms, empowering you to tackle workplace stress head-on.

Moreover, online stress management therapy equips you with practical tools that extend beyond the therapy session. These tools become an integral part of your stress-management toolkit, aiding you in real time as you navigate the daily stresses of your professional life. From relaxation techniques to personalized coping strategies, the skills you acquire become invaluable assets in your journey toward sustained well-being.

In addition, seeking support through online therapy demonstrates a proactive commitment to your mental health. As you build resilience and coping mechanisms, you’re better positioned to sustain productivity even in high-stress work environments. The ripple effect is evident in your ability to meet deadlines, communicate effectively with colleagues, and maintain a positive work outlook.

If you’re eager to explore actionable steps to sustain productivity amidst work-related stress, check out our recent article on “7 Steps to Sustain Productivity while Stressed out at Work” by clicking here. It’s a complementary resource that aligns with the principles of online stress management therapy, offering practical tips to enhance your work-life balance and overall well-being. Remember, investing in your mental health is an investment in your professional success, and online stress management therapy could be the catalyst for positive change in your work life.

At Makin Wellness, our online stress management therapy is designed to be your go-to support for a variety of issues that life throws your way. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or just need a space to navigate the complexities of daily life, we’ve got your back.

First and foremost, stress is a universal experience, and our therapy is tailored to help you tackle its many forms. If work pressures have you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, we can work together to develop coping strategies that empower you to thrive in your professional life.

Perhaps personal relationships are causing tension and anxiety. Our online therapy is a safe space to explore and address the challenges you may be facing in your connections with others. Whether it’s family dynamics, friendships, or romantic relationships, we’re here to guide you toward healthier, more fulfilling interactions.

If you find yourself battling the constant stream of negative thoughts or struggling with low mood, our stress management therapy provides practical tools to shift your mindset. We’ll work on fostering resilience and developing a positive outlook that can make a significant impact on your overall mental health.

Furthermore, if life transitions or unexpected events have thrown you off balance, our therapy sessions can provide the stability and support you need to navigate these changes. From career shifts to major life events, we’re here to help you adapt and find your equilibrium.

In a nutshell, our online stress management therapy is your personalized toolkit for tackling the diverse challenges that life presents. No matter what you’re going through, we’re here to help you build resilience, foster positive change, and empower you to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. Let’s navigate this journey together.