Online counseling with a specialized therapist

Online counseling is one of the best solutions to help you heal and become happy again. Our professional counselors offer evidence-based online therapy for depression, anxiety, kids, couples, anger management, trauma, grief and so much more.


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What is online counseling? 

The best online counseling at Makin Wellness provides a 100% private and secure mental health treatment option using the internet. This can be done using a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone- any device with access to the web. Online counseling can be a comfortable and convenient way to allow yourself the opportunity to speak with your therapist in a familiar and private setting.

 During your session, you can choose from different methods to speak with your therapist, including:

  • secure messaging
  • secure video
  • phone

All forms are valid options and can be helpful in various forms of treatment including depression, anxiety, trauma, and many other ailments. Every provider on our team is a specialist & experienced professional. They will have endless hours of hands-on experience and the expertise required to diagnose and treat you effectively. It’s important to receive online therapy facilitated by an expert!

You can search our network of providers here or call to have us personally match you with the best therapist to fit your specific needs. All Makin Wellness counselors are highly qualified professionals who will provide the quality online counseling you deserve. It is important, above all else, that you feel comfortable with your online counselor.

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As humans we do not like the feelings of discomfort or distress and we often try to “push away” those feelings. Try this fun experiment with licensed Social Worker Melissa to help you learn ways to process thoughts and feelings in a new way.

What are the benefits of counseling online?

  • Convenience: Online counseling services can fit any circumstance because you do not have to be there. Plus you have the ease of changing how you speak to your counselor, even at the last minute. Most people don’t work a 9 to 5 job anymore and even if you do, sometimes you just need a little flexibility. Our counselors are here to work with you, no matter what your situation may be.

  • Fits your schedule: Counseling that can be done from your phone, can be fit into the tightest, most chaotic schedule. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom or you frequently travel, online therapy can relieve the added on worry of having to “fit things in” to your schedule. You deserve to live your happiest life. This option gives you the opportunity to never cut yourself short.

  • Transportation issues: Transportation can be an issue for lots of reasons. You might be out of town or simply choose not to drive. Whatever the circumstance, online therapy is available for those who aren’t in a position to go in person.

  • Disabilities: If you have a physical or emotional disability, we understand. It can be hard to get places if you aren’t comfortable or need help. Speaking with an online counselor is a part of how Makin Wellness tailors your therapy to fit your needs.

  • Social Anxiety: On every level, social interactions paired with anxiety can make it terrifying and sometimes impossible to talk face to face. Speaking to a licensed mental health professional online or through email can be exactly what you need to build yourself up to a place where you feel comfortable enough to speak in person. Even minor anxieties can be addressed. 
  • Social distancing: The COVID- 19 pandemic has swept across the world and changed the way we do things. The way we live everyday life. After all is said and done, we can’t be certain how much things will change or stay the same. But we do know that we will be here for you either way. 

For some of you, it never mattered to begin with. Social distancing was already your way of life and to that we say, “Have it your way! You are welcome here!”. It is our utmost goal to make you feel comfortable and safe. No questions asked!

How can I talk to a counselor online? 

Doing your research is always the best bet when it comes to online counseling. Knowing your therapist is an experienced professional counselor with credentials is crucial to making sure you receive proper mental health care, no matter how minor. Once you decide on a counselor, all you have to do is reach out to them and make the proper arrangements to start your individualized therapy.

Makin Wellness has a highly qualified team with over 125 combined years of experience treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD, grief and many other challenges. We invite you to schedule an appointment online & start talking to a counselor online.

Is online counseling accepted by insurance at Makin Wellness? 

We are so happy to say YES at Makin Wellness! Online therapy and online counseling services are accepted by numerous commercial insurance plans we partner with. 

Makin Wellness is excited to announce we accept the following insurance companies, including CHIP, WPEE, and the following:

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Is online counseling effective? 

At Makin Wellness, we know that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the #1 factor that drives client progress, regardless of what tech we use. Great therapy online is even more effective than traditional office sessions.*

Here are some studies that show how effective online therapy can be:

In 2014, The Journal of Affective Disorders published research stating online counseling shows the same amount of improvement for depression as traditional face-to-face sessions. 

Another 2014 study, published in Behaviour Research and Therapy found that cognitive-behavioral therapy was effective online in the treatment of anxiety.

For a study more current, the Journal of Psychological Disorders published a study that states that online cognitive behavioral therapy is, “effective, acceptable and practical health care.” 

Can anyone get online therapy? 

Yes. Anyone can receive online counseling. We welcome adults and teenagers, people from all backgrounds, and anyone else willing to change their lives for the better. If you do not have access to the internet, we also do telephone sessions. Online counseling can be great for anyone. 

Is online counseling effective for teens & kids?

Yes. Speaking to an online therapist can be just as effective for teens & kids as it can for adults.  Most even prefer online therapy over traditional in-office therapy. But that probably doesn’t surprise you. 

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Online counseling works the same as any normal session. After your initial appointment is made, you will receive an email with an invitation to do a video conference via the internet.  

If you choose not to accept the video conference, your therapist will call, email, text, or all of the above to establish a connection with you. Once you decide how you would like to communicate your session will start.

Our counselors are available Monday through Friday. We can schedule you in as little as 24 hours. For certain circumstances, an immediate appointment can be arranged.

Our online sessions last for approximately an hour, and the exact time depends on your insurance. People continue online counseling for different lengths of time. Our job is to help guide you to a place in life where you feel satisfied and proud. A place where you can love yourself. No matter how long it takes, we will be with you.

The beauty of online counseling is that you can be seen from anywhere in the world. You aren’t limited to providers in your area or your insurance plan. You are free to choose the counselor that speaks to you specifically. No matter where you are. No matter where they are. We have multi-lingual counselors ready to help you heal and become happy again! Please notice that we are only able to support Pennsylvania residents at this time.

No. Online psychiatrists can prescribe medicine for qualifying patients. At Makin Wellness, we currently refer our clients to prescribers for medication management. We can partner with your prescriber to ensure you are progressing in your treatment and that you are adjusting well to your medication.

Online counseling costs will vary depending on the therapist. At Makin Wellness, online counseling cost will vary depending on the treatment. Some of our counselors do accept patients on a sliding scale. And we do accept insurance for online therapy.

Your online session will be very similar to the session you would have in the office. Once connected, you will proceed with the individualized treatment plan built by you and your online counselor. You will speak privately over a secure line building the skills you need to live your best life.

About Makin Wellness Online Therapy

Makin Wellness is Pennsylvania’s highest-rated online therapy company. Our online therapists have dedicated their lives to helping you heal and become happy again. We have a wide range of specialties, which means you’re matched with a professional who knows how to effectively support you.

Makin Wellness online counselors are simply the best at what we do. Our providers offer specialized online counseling in:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • life transitions
  • bipolar disorder
  • PTSD
  • grief and trauma
  • addiction
  • couples counseling
  • relationships
  • OCD
  • family conflict
  • chronic illness
  • mood disorders
  • parenting
  • any other emotional challenge you may be feeling

If you are living with a mental illness or just need someone to talk to, we are here to support you. Online counseling at Makin Wellness can help give you the coping skills you need in life and the shoulder you need to lean on from the comfort of your home.

Stop suffering & start healing today.