Depression Therapy

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Do you feel overwhelmed, lost, sad or tired?

Do you struggle with a heaviness that hangs over you like a dark cloud that won’t go, regardless of what you do? Are you frequently overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness, loneliness, or hopelessness? Perhaps you feel guilty, ashamed, or confused by your inability to connect with your loved ones or to participate in activities that you once loved. You might even feel like you are just going through the motions of life, but you don’t experience any true desire to link up with people or the world that surrounds you. Do you find yourself having a hard time focusing, being productive at the office, or completing day-to-day chores? Do you feel like you are getting pulled in every direction and that you have no control over what happens in your life. Do you dream of experiencing a life where you are inspired, motivated, and have more pleasure and meaning?

Going through life with depression can be extremely difficult, isolating, and painful. You may feel like you are getting kicked when you are down and have no hope of recovering. You could have lost important connections with loved ones and feel numb about ideas, events, and activities that once brought immense joy to your life. Your sleeping and eating patterns could have changed and every day could feel like a challenge right when you wake up. The negativity and lethargy that depression created can make you feel like you are barely able to drag yourself through the day. Every day feels like you are trying to climb an endless mountain and you’ll never make it to the top.

Depression is extremely common in the United States

Due to many factors, the number of people suffering from depression continues to grow. One in ten American adults is affected by depression and one in three teens can be diagnosed with depression. These statistics are conservative and the reality is that many more suffer from this debilitating condition who never get diagnosed or treated.

There are currently many reasons for depression and these all vary. Some are genetically predisposed to developing depression. Depression symptoms can also arise following a loss, life transition, or trauma. Depression also could present as an unshakable heaviness that makes every feeling, thought and action very difficult.

… but there is hope! While it is true that depression is one of the most common mental health diagnoses, it also is one that is one of the most successfully managed and treated.  Although you are not able to control everything that life hands to you, a skilled therapist will help you improve your ability to respond to life situations, find balance, heal and move forward.

Depression treatment can help you find your meaning, perspective, and a new life

Depression therapy through an evidence based approach can be extremely effective. Most people experience relief and begin working towards changing their life quickly.

In our therapy sessions, we’ll teach you how to use mindfulness skills to make real and sustainable changes in your life. Mindfulness helps you to non-judgmentally focus your attention on what you are experiencing in the present moment. Most of the time, the human mind is focused on what happened in the past or what may happen in the future. Learning to be living in the now with what is happening in the moment can help to alleviate most of the fears, worries, regret, and guilt that may be fueling your depression.

We can also work collaboratively to point out and process what the root cause of your pain is. Then we can immediately explore practical and manageable actions that you can implement now in order to change your perception, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. We can also explore new possibilities and ways of reducing unhealthy depressive thinking and behavioral patterns. Countless people with depression are so hard on themselves and have grown to be extremely self-critical. In our depression therapy sessions, you can begin to silence your inner critic and foster an inner voice that is more loving and supportive. You will learn self-compassion and awareness as well.

With the strong support and guidance of an experienced and caring online therapist, you can begin to create personal resilience, get back in touch with your true core values and find meaning in your life. You possess value and strength this you can identify and foster. With professional help, it is possible for you to shift from depression to joy and live the life you deserve.

Although you know that you may benefit from help, you still may have questions pertaining to depression treatment…

I’ve already gone through therapy and I really don’t want to dig up all the details of my past. Do we really have to do that?

We do not, but the past could be important to what we are working on. In general, we limit our discussion of your past to the parts that are only relevant to what you are struggling with today. For example, if past problems are getting triggered by whatever you’re currently going through, then we may explore the roots of those triggers, see what we can learn, and develop a plan to manage your experience today. However,  we don’t generally start my relationships with clients by jumping into an extended retelling of the story from the beginning. We prefer to start with where you are today. You can always have your previous therapist forward your medical records to us as well.

I’ve heard depression treatment can take forever and be really pricey. Is that true?

This isn’t necessarily true. At Makin Wellness,  we often say that one of our main goals with clients is to put ourselves out of business; it’s our goal to get you feeling better and not needing us anymore. Our clients almost always leave our sessions with concrete and actionable goals to work on between therapy sessions. Our emphasis is on helping you make changes in the present moment. In insomuch, many of our clients have reported feeling an improvement of depressive symptoms relatively quickly, and are then commonly able to drop back to seeing us only monthly or even quarterly.

We invite you to contact us today for a free phone consultation with our client care specialist team at 833-274-HEAL to discuss your specific needs and to answer any questions you have about online depression treatment at Makin Wellness.

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