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Relationships are crucial in improving our emotional well being, facilitating stability, and creating a sense of inclusivity. Effective stress management creates a balanced environment that promotes happiness and healthy habits.  The Makin Wellness Blog offers guides in developing behavioral, cognitive, and emotional well being all while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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  • Anger Management
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  • Grief & Trauma
  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
  • Stress & Anxiety
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emotional neglect, emotional abuse Grief & Trauma

What is Emotional Neglect? Understanding the Signs, Behaviors, and the 9 Potential Long-Term Effects

Have you ever felt like your feelings were not being heard or taken seriously? As a child, were your parents ever dismissive, belittling or critical …

how to meditate for anxiety, mindfullness meditation, breathing exercises, metta meditation Depression

How to Meditate for Anxiety: Discover the Top 4 Meditation Techniques to Help You Find Peace

Do you feel overwhelmed with anxiety? If so, you’re not alone. Anxiety is a common problem that can affect anyone at any age. But the …

what is my love language Relationships

What Is My Love Language? 5 Ways to Give and Receive Love For Better Relationships

Have you ever felt like your partner doesn’t appreciate all the effort and love you put into your relationship? It’s a familiar feeling, but they …

types of depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, atypical disorder Depression

Understanding the 10 Types of Depressive Disorders

It’s normal to go through periods without feeling our best or having difficulty managing mundane tasks. But when these feelings become overwhelming and start interfering …

benefits of online therapy Mental Health

Discover the 7 Benefits of Online Therapy at Makin Wellness

Does traditional in-office therapy not fit into your busy schedule? Do you want to go to therapy but find the travel to the counseling office …

panic attack vs anxiety attack Depression

Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: 4 Key Differences to Tell Them Apart

If you think you have an anxiety or panic disorder, you are not alone. About 40 million people each year experience an anxiety disorder, making …

lgbtq therapist near me, therapist, lgbtq community Depression

You Are Not Alone! How to Find an LGBTQ Therapist Near Me

Are you a part of the LGBTQ community and feel confused about your sexuality or body? Do you need a safe space to explore topics …

Do I have an eating disorder, eating disorder Eating Disorders

Do I have an Eating Disorder? 10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself and How to Find Help

Do you feel like your thoughts about food are out of control? Do you think your thoughts about food and your body have negatively affected …

negative self talk, self talk Depression

End Negative Self Talk: Discover The 5-Step Process to a Healthier Mindset

Each of us defaults to negative or positive thoughts in any given situation. We also tend to favor one outlook over the other. We can …

how does emdr work. emdr therapy Depression

How Does EMDR Work? Discover the 8 stages of EMDR Therapy

Have you suffered one or multiple traumatic events that cause you ongoing stress? Has that stress caused relationships or career setbacks or prevented you from …

Disorganized attachment style, disorganized attachment Depression

What is My Attachment Style? Part 4: Disorganized Attachment Style

Do you find yourself feeling unworthy of love even when you receive it? Or do your relationships consist of intense arguing or even violence? If …

avoidant attachment style, avoidant attachment Depression

What is My Attachment Style? Part 3: Avoidant Attachment Style

Do you often feel like you need to keep your distance from people and avoid closeness or intimacy in relationships? If so, you may have …