Eating disorder therapy in Pennsylvania

Get clinically-proven online eating disorder therapy from a specialized therapist.

Eating disorder therapy in Pennsylvania ​

Get clinically-proven online eating disorder therapy from a specialized therapist.

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How eating disorder therapy works

Brief assessment

Answer a few questions about your eating disorder

Personalized match

We'll match you with your eating disorder therapist (typically within 24 hours)

Video Call

Start eating disorder therapy

Begin the journey towards a happier you via phone or video sessions

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Choosing Makin Wellness for eating disorder therapy benefits

Begin proven online eating disorder therapy

Personalized treatment

Start your eating disorder journey with a personalized plan. Our therapists understand your challenges and goals, tailoring therapy to your needs.

Research backed care

We're here to make a difference. Our experienced therapists utilize evidence-based methods such as CBT and more to help you effectively manage depression.

Convenient therapy

No more commuting stress. Our client-friendly online platform offers depression therapy at your doorstep. Schedule weekly sessions on your terms, from your own space.

Measurable progress

Track your eating disorder journey with clear goals and results-oriented therapy. Studies show that you can reduce your symptoms in about 20-40 sessions at Makin Wellness.*

Eating disorder specialists

Your online eating disorder specialist receives monthly training to stay up-to-date on the latest treatments and research, ensuring you get the best care possible.

Symptom relief

You can find relief from agonizing eating disorder symptoms like obsessions, binging, and negative body image.

3 tips for starting online eating disorder therapy

Establish routines

For eating disorders, consistency is key. At Makin Wellness, we provide scheduled sessions at the same day and time for your convenience.


Create a quiet space, test your internet, have tissues and water nearby, and mentally prepare for an empathetic session.

Set realistic goals

Set achievable goals, communicate with your therapist, and be patient with your individualized eating disorder treatment plan. Consistency and open communication are essential.

PSTD Therapy

Stop letting your eating disorder control your life.

The most important things to remember about eating disorders is that it’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything to deserve having an eating disorder and you certainly don’t deserve to suffer from one. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that can have devastating consequences if left untreated. Makin Wellness has therapists qualified to treat whatever eating disorder you’re struggling with.

You deserve a life free from the constant worry and stress of an eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Therapy can help you learn to cope with the thoughts and emotions that trigger your disordered eating. It can also help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and learn to love and accept yourself.

Understand what triggers your disordered eating

Negative emotions can trigger disordered eating behaviors. Therapy can help you understand the thoughts and emotions that are driving your eating disorder. Once you understand these triggers, you can begin to challenge and change them.

Learn & develop healthy coping mechanisms

If you’re used to using food to cope with your emotions, it can be hard to break that habit. But it’s important to learn how to cope in healthy ways. In therapy, you’ll learn how you can deal with difficult emotions in a healthy way.

Learn to love and accept yourself

One of the most important things in recovery is learning to love and accept yourself. This can be a difficult task, but it’s so worth it. In therapy, you’ll work on challenges and issues that are preventing you from loving and accepting yourself.

Help is available with our highly rated Pennsylvania online therapists & counselors.

If you’re thinking about starting eating disorder therapy, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to find a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. They will be able to understand and help you in a way that other therapists can’t. Second, be prepared to work hard. Recovery is not easy, but it is so worth it. Lastly, don’t give up on yourself. You deserve to recover and live a happy and healthy life.

Eating Disorder Counseling

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Allison M.You are in great hands
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Makin Wellness offers the highest level of customer care in the industry. I am so impressed with their level of detail, care, follow-through and focus on each of Makin Wellness' clients. You are in great hands with this amazing group.
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Very compassionate people. First time ever attending their office. Very helpful and look forward to their service in the future.
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My meeting with Makin Wellness was absolutely wonderful, professional, and thoughtful all while remaining sensitive to my needs. They spoke to me as an individual, not as an illness or insurance number...
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I would recommend Makin Wellness to anyone! The staff is so professional and they all genuinely care to talk with you. They provide so many unique services and the staff wants to help you grow and heal. I highly recommend them!
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Amazing service! They are super kind and friendly. They helped me get my furry best friend ESA registered. It was super easy to schedule an appointment and I got my ESA letter released to me the same day!
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My therapist helped me to reduce my anxiety. Thanks so much, Chelsie & Makin Wellness!
HankThey really do help
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Caring, supportive , helpful and everything mental health should be. I have seen my counselor in office & online. Both have been great experiences. Their video sessions are very easy to use and I enjoy meeting without having to leave my home.
Dean D.Makin truly cares
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This place truly cares for everyone's mental wellness, including their employees. Healing really happens here. Therapist are friendly and genuine. No one would care about how much you know unless they know how much you care. Everyone cares here, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and the rest will be history.
Chadrick W.Great company
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Makin Wellness is a great company. They give you a chance to receive service online. Their whole staff is very caring and understanding.
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The team is truly amazing! They really are passionate about the work they do and are committed to people living healthy and happy lives.
Jatimi B.10 stars
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Makin Wellness, my one regret is that we didn't meet sooner. Thank you for staying on top of your profession. I wish I could give you guy's 10 Stars.

We are here to help. You can live a life free from the control of an eating disorder.

5 FAQs about online Eating Disorder therapy

In the realm of mental health, the effectiveness of therapy is a dynamic interplay between the therapeutic approach, the skills of the therapist, and yourself. Online therapy, specifically for eating disorders, introduces a dimension of accessibility that can be transformative.

Consider the role of accessibility. Online therapy transcends geographical barriers, ensuring that even in remote locations or with limited access to in-person mental health services, you can still engage in therapeutic interventions. This level of accessibility is particularly crucial in the context of eating disorders, where early intervention and consistent support are paramount.

Moreover, the flexibility offered by online therapy can significantly contribute to its effectiveness. You may often face unique challenges related to your relationships with food, body image, and mental health. Online therapy accommodates the scheduling constraints that may arise due to your work, school, or family commitments. This flexibility enhances the likelihood of consistent engagement, a key factor in the success of therapeutic interventions.

It’s important to acknowledge that the effectiveness of online therapy is not a one-size-fits-all equation. Factors such as the severity of your eating disorder, individual preferences, and the therapeutic alliance formed between you and your therapist all play crucial roles. As you explore online therapy, consider it as a dynamic and adaptable tool that, when wielded with intention, has the potential to be a valuable ally in your journey toward improved mental health.

The modality of online therapy is designed to be versatile, offering multiple avenues for therapeutic engagement. Let’s delve into the specific components that make online therapy for eating disorders both accessible and effective.

a. Video Calls:

Video calls serve as a powerful medium for online therapy, offering a visual connection that closely mimics face-to-face interactions. The ability to see your therapist provides a sense of presence and fosters a deeper connection. This visual engagement can be particularly impactful when addressing your body image concerns and fostering a sense of trust in the therapeutic relationship.

During video calls, therapists may employ various therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral interventions, exposure therapy, and mindfulness exercises. Visual cues become valuable tools in exploring the nuances of non-verbal communication, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of your experiences.

b. Phone Calls:

Phone-based therapy provides a different but equally valuable experience. While lacking the visual component, phone calls allow for a heightened focus on the spoken word and the nuances of tone. This format can be beneficial if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself verbally or if you prefer a more auditory therapeutic experience.

The absence of visual distractions during phone calls can create an intimate space for self-reflection and deepening your connection with your thoughts and emotions. It’s a medium that emphasizes the power of language and the therapeutic alliance formed through shared dialogue.

Understanding these modalities allows you to choose the format that aligns most closely with your preferences and comfort level. Whether you opt for the visual richness of video calls, or the focused auditory experience of phone calls, each modality can be harnessed to support your unique therapeutic journey.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of effective therapy, and online therapy platforms prioritize creating a secure environment for you. It’s natural to have concerns about the privacy of your information and the security of online platforms. Let’s delve into the measures taken to ensure the confidentiality and security of your online therapeutic journey.

a. Encryption Protocols:

We utilize advanced encryption protocols to secure the transmission of data between you and your therapist. This encryption ensures that your conversations and any shared information remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Understanding the specific encryption standards employed by the platform can provide you with reassurance regarding the safety of your online interactions. When exploring online therapy options, inquire about the encryption measures in place, and ensure they align with industry standards for protecting sensitive information.

b. Platform Security Features:

We implement various security features to safeguard your personal information. These features include secure login processes, multifactor authentication, and secure data storage practices. We prioritize compliance with data protection regulations to ensure that your privacy is maintained throughout the therapeutic process.

c. Therapist Adherence to Ethical Standards:

In addition to platform security, our therapists adhere to the same ethical standards as those in traditional settings. Ethical guidelines require our therapists to prioritize confidentiality and to take measures to protect your privacy.

Makin Wellness is committed to ethical standards and confidentiality. Our therapists are transparent about their practices, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of how your information will be handled and protected.

Understanding the security measures we have in place provides a foundation of trust, allowing you to engage in therapy with confidence that your personal information remains confidential throughout the therapeutic process.

The realm of online therapy encompasses a diverse array of qualified professionals specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. As you embark on the process of selecting a therapist, understanding the qualifications, expertise, and therapeutic approaches of these professionals becomes essential.

a. Licensed Therapists:

We have licensed therapists, including counselors, and social workers. Our providers undergo extensive training and education in mental health and are equipped to address a broad range of concerns, including eating disorders.

Licensing requirements vary by jurisdiction, and our licensed therapists adhere to ethical guidelines and standards of practice. We ensure that our providers meet the professional qualifications necessary to provide you with competent and effective care.

b. Specialization in Eating Disorders:

Our online therapists specialize in the treatment of eating disorders. Specialization involves additional training and experience in addressing the unique challenges posed by conditions such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other related issues.

When considering potential therapists, feel free to inquire about their specific background and proficiency in treating eating disorders. Gain insights into their treatment approach, the therapeutic modalities they utilize, and their overarching philosophy on recovery. Choosing a therapist with expertise in eating disorders ensures a nuanced understanding of these conditions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the therapeutic journey. Our care team will diligently match you with a specialized therapist to address your unique needs.

c. Experience in Online Therapy:

While therapists may have extensive experience in traditional in-person settings, the landscape of online therapy requires unique skills and adaptability. Online therapists possess experience in delivering effective care through virtual platforms, utilizing the nuances of digital communication to foster meaningful therapeutic connections.

When exploring potential therapists, it’s crucial to inquire about their experience in online therapy. Our care team actively assesses how therapists navigate the virtual therapeutic space, engage clients through digital mediums, and address the distinctive challenges posed by online interactions. This proactive approach guarantees that you receive competent and effective care, thoughtfully tailored to the online modality.

By choosing a therapist from Makin Wellness, supported by a combination of licensing, specialization in eating disorders, and proven experience in online therapy, you set the stage for a therapeutic journey aligned with your unique needs and goals. Our care team is committed to facilitating this seamless match for a positive and impactful therapeutic experience.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of online therapy, providing a liberating alternative to the constraints of traditional in-person sessions. The ability to access therapy on a flexible schedule is a powerful tool, offering autonomy and adaptability to your unique circumstances.

a. Tailoring Sessions to Your Schedule:

Online therapy platforms understand the diverse schedules and commitments individuals juggle in their daily lives. This recognition translates into the ability to schedule therapy sessions at times that align with your specific needs. Whether you’re a student with fluctuating class schedules, a professional navigating work commitments, or an individual with familial responsibilities, online therapy accommodates your availability.

The freedom to tailor sessions to your schedule ensures that therapy becomes an integrated and sustainable aspect of your routine. This flexibility contributes to the consistency of engagement, a critical factor in the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions for eating disorders.

b. Evening and Weekend Options:

Many online therapists offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your work hours or other commitments during standard business hours. This extended availability ensures that therapy remains accessible, regardless of your daily schedule.

When selecting an online therapist, explore their availability and discuss options for scheduling sessions outside typical working hours. This proactive approach to scheduling promotes a sense of empowerment and ensures that therapy aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle. Our care team at Makin Wellness is dedicated to working with you to find convenient scheduling options that suit your needs and promote a stress-free therapeutic experience.

c. On-Demand Options:

We offer on-demand options, allowing you to engage in therapy when it best suits your schedule. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for individuals with unpredictable or irregular schedules. On-demand therapy provides the autonomy to access support precisely when you need it, contributing to a responsive and personalized therapeutic experience.

You may inquire about our providers’ availability of on-demand options. Understanding the range of scheduling options ensures that you can tailor your therapeutic engagement to your unique lifestyle and commitments. Our care team is here to assist in exploring these options and tailoring your therapeutic experience to meet your specific needs.