Effective EMDR therapy starts here

Get clinically-proven online EMDR therapy from a specialized therapist.

Effective online EMDR therapy starts here

Get clinically-proven online EMDR therapy from a specialized therapist.

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Effective EMDR Therapy Starts Here

Working with an EMDR therapist can be the difference between feeling stuck in trauma or getting the help you need to heal and become whole again.

Connect with an EMDR therapist who understands your needs.

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How online EMDR therapy works

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Online EMDR Therapy

The benefits of online EMDR therapy with Makin Wellness.

Start clinically-proven online EMDR therapy today

Personalized treatment

Start your EMDR therapy journey with a personalized plan. Our therapists understand your challenges and goals, tailoring therapy to your needs.

Research backed benefit

EMDR therapy has been linked to positive changes in brain activity related to traumatic memories, potentially improving your mental health.

Convenient therapy

No more commuting stress. Our client-friendly online platform offers EMDR therapy at your doorstep. Schedule weekly sessions on your terms, from your own space.

Long-lasting effects

Research suggests that the benefits of EMDR therapy are often maintained over the long term. Clients report reduced symptoms from around 12 sessions*.

Less verbalization required

EMDR allows you to process memories without extensive verbalization, making it suitable if you struggle with verbal expression.

Symptom reduction

EMDR may help reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, performance anxiety, OCD, complex trauma and more.

Will EMDR therapy help me heal from trauma?

EMDR therapy is based on the belief that our brains are naturally able to heal from trauma, just like our bodies do. When we experience a traumatic event, it can be difficult for our brains to process what happened. This can lead to us feeling stuck or like we’re reliving the trauma over and over again. EMDR therapy is thought to help “unstick” the stuck memories so our brains can process them and heal. Research has shown that this eye movement can help process the trauma and reduce its negative emotions.

3 tips for getting started with online EMDR therapy

Qualifications matter

Find a qualified therapist who has experience with EMDR therapy. This is important because you want to ensure you are working with someone who is properly trained.

Willingness matters​

This means being honest with your therapist about your trauma and what you hope to gain from therapy. It also means being willing to do the work required to process the trauma.

EMDR is not for everyone​

If you’re not ready to address your trauma, EMDR therapy may not be right for you. It would help if you also spoke with your therapist about any concerns you have before starting this type of therapy.

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Start online EMDR therapy

If you’re thinking about starting EMDR therapy, you should keep a few things in mind.

Qualifications matter

The first step is to find a qualified therapist who has experience with EMDR therapy. This is important because you want to ensure you are working with someone who is properly trained.

Willingness matters

The next step is to be prepared for EMDR therapy. This means being honest with your therapist about your trauma and what you hope to gain from therapy. It also means being willing to do the work required to process the trauma.

EMDR is not for everyone

EMDR therapy is not right for everyone. If you’re not ready to face your trauma, EMDR therapy may not be right for you. It would help if you also spoke with your therapist about any concerns you have before starting this type of therapy.

Find relief with online EMDR therapy

Minimal talking is required for it to be effective.

One of the benefits of EMDR therapy is that minimal talking is required for it to be effective. There is no need to tell your story in detail or relive the trauma. This can be helpful for people who have a hard time talking about their trauma.

It can help you process your past.

EMDR therapy can also help you process your past and make peace with it. Often, people get stuck in their trauma and cannot move on. So, this can be helpful if you have unresolved trauma.

Reduces negative thoughts and feelings.

EMDR therapy can help you identify and challenge negative thoughts and feelings associated with the trauma. This can help you better understand yourself and your past to release the blame and shame you may feel around specific events in your life.

It can help you to cope with current stressors.

EMDR therapy can also help you to cope with current stressors. This can be helpful if you are struggling to manage your day-to-day emotions or are currently experiencing anxiety or depression.

You may see results quickly.

Compared to other treatment options, EMDR therapy may produce results more quickly. This is because it directly targets the root of the problem. Although the goal is not to move through the sessions as quickly as possible, some people may find relief from their symptoms sooner than expected.

EMDR Treatment

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Allison M.You are in great hands
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Makin Wellness offers the highest level of customer care in the industry. I am so impressed with their level of detail, care, follow-through and focus on each of Makin Wellness' clients. You are in great hands with this amazing group.
Dan R.Compassionate
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Very compassionate people. First time ever attending their office. Very helpful and look forward to their service in the future.
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My meeting with Makin Wellness was absolutely wonderful, professional, and thoughtful all while remaining sensitive to my needs. They spoke to me as an individual, not as an illness or insurance number...
Kelsey K.Highly Recommend
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I would recommend Makin Wellness to anyone! The staff is so professional and they all genuinely care to talk with you. They provide so many unique services and the staff wants to help you grow and heal. I highly recommend them!
Sayna M.Amazing
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Amazing service! They are super kind and friendly. They helped me get my furry best friend ESA registered. It was super easy to schedule an appointment and I got my ESA letter released to me the same day!
Matthew A.Fantastic
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My therapist helped me to reduce my anxiety. Thanks so much, Chelsie & Makin Wellness!
HankThey really do help
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Caring, supportive , helpful and everything mental health should be. I have seen my counselor in office & online. Both have been great experiences. Their video sessions are very easy to use and I enjoy meeting without having to leave my home.
Dean D.Makin truly cares
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This place truly cares for everyone's mental wellness, including their employees. Healing really happens here. Therapist are friendly and genuine. No one would care about how much you know unless they know how much you care. Everyone cares here, all you have to do is schedule an appointment and the rest will be history.
Chadrick W.Great company
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Makin Wellness is a great company. They give you a chance to receive service online. Their whole staff is very caring and understanding.
Cynthia G.Passionate
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The team is truly amazing! They really are passionate about the work they do and are committed to people living healthy and happy lives.
Jatimi B.10 stars
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Makin Wellness, my one regret is that we didn't meet sooner. Thank you for staying on top of your profession. I wish I could give you guy's 10 Stars.

5 FAQs about online EMDR therapy

Online Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy stands as a transformative and effective cornerstone of mental health care, proudly offered at Makin Wellness. Renowned for its success in treating trauma, anxiety, and various mental health challenges, our online adaptation maintains the core principles of traditional EMDR while leveraging secure virtual platforms for convenience and accessibility.

The EMDR Process Unveiled: A Journey to Healing

  1. History and Treatment Planning: Your dedicated EMDR-trained therapist initiates the process with a comprehensive assessment, delving into your history to identify specific memories or experiences causing distress. This foundational step lays the groundwork for targeted therapeutic interventions.

  2. Preparation: Prior to delving into reprocessing, your therapist collaborates with you to build essential coping skills. This proactive approach ensures that you’re equipped to manage any overwhelming emotions that may surface during the sessions, fostering a sense of empowerment and readiness for the transformative journey ahead.

  3. Desensitization: The core of EMDR involves bilateral stimulation, traditionally facilitated through side-to-side eye movements. In the online setting, this crucial step is artfully replicated through guided visual stimuli or other methods, stimulating both sides of the brain. This innovative adaptation ensures that the essence of desensitization, a pivotal aspect of EMDR, is retained and optimized for the virtual environment.

  4. Installation: With the groundwork laid, positive beliefs are skillfully strengthened to replace negative thoughts associated with the targeted memories. This phase propels emotional healing, cultivating a positive mindset that paves the way for continued personal growth.

  5. Body Scan: The therapist guides you in a focused awareness of your body, addressing any residual tension or discomfort related to the targeted memories. This mindful exploration enhances the holistic nature of the EMDR process, fostering a deeper connection between mind and body.

  6. Closure: Each session concludes with a dedicated focus on self-care. Your therapist ensures you feel grounded and supported before transitioning back to your daily activities, emphasizing the importance of ongoing well-being.

Online EMDR therapy at Makin Wellness enables you to experience these transformative steps in the comfort of your chosen space, preserving the therapeutic efficacy that defines our commitment to your mental health.

Absolutely. At Makin Wellness, the cornerstone of our commitment is the unwavering prioritization of our clients’ mental health. Extensive research stands as a robust testament to the effectiveness of online Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. A myriad of studies consistently underscores the comparable outcomes between traditional in-person sessions and the virtual modality, affirming that the profound benefits of EMDR seamlessly extend to the online environment.

What sets us apart is not just the modality but the profound expertise of our therapists and the finely tuned, personalized approach to your unique needs. We recognize that your mental health journey is distinct, and our therapists adeptly tailor proven therapeutic techniques to the online setting. This ensures that, regardless of your geographic location, you receive the same high-quality, client-centered care. Our commitment remains unwavering, whether you opt for the familiarity of in-person sessions or the flexibility and accessibility of online EMDR therapy.

In navigating the evolving landscape of mental health care, we stand at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge research into our practice. This ensures that our clients benefit from the latest advancements and evidence-based approaches. The virtual realm is not just a convenience; it’s a dynamic space where the effectiveness of EMDR is not compromised but, in many cases, enhanced.

Choosing Makin Wellness means choosing a specialized approach tailored to your specific needs. Your journey begins with an assessment of your unique history and treatment needs. As we transition to the preparation phase, our therapists skillfully equip you with essential coping skills, fostering resilience for the transformative process ahead.

The core of EMDR, the desensitization phase, involves bilateral stimulation. In the online space, this is seamlessly achieved through innovative adaptations, ensuring the essence of the therapeutic process remains intact. We’ll focus on distressing memories while using bilateral stimulation, aiming to reduce emotional intensity and promote cognitive shifts toward healing.

Each session concludes with a purposeful focus on self-care and grounding, irrespective of the modality chosen. This commitment to comprehensive well-being extends beyond the therapy session, as we provide additional resources to ensure continuity and support between sessions.

So, whether you seek the familiarity of in-person sessions or the flexibility of online EMDR therapy, Makin Wellness remains steadfast in our commitment to your mental health journey, providing a continuum of care that adapts to your needs and preferences.

Preparing for an online EMDR therapy session with Makin Wellness involves a few simple steps to optimize your experience:

  1. Create a comfortable space:

    • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without interruptions. Make it a safe haven for self-reflection and emotional exploration.
  2. Ensure a reliable internet connection:

    • A stable internet connection is crucial for a seamless session. Check your internet speed beforehand to avoid disruptions.
  3. Use compatible devices:

    • Ensure that your device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or smartphone, is compatible with the chosen online therapy platform. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted session.
  4. Eliminate distractions:

    • Minimize potential distractions by silencing your phone and notifying others in your household about your scheduled session.
  5. Be ppen and ready:

    • Approach the session with an open mind and a readiness to engage in the therapeutic process. Trust the expertise of your Makin Wellness therapist to guide you through the journey.

By following these simple guidelines, you can enhance the effectiveness of your online EMDR therapy sessions and create an environment conducive to healing.

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of our online EMDR therapy services at Makin Wellness. We understand that you may have concerns about the privacy and security of your therapy sessions and personal information, and we want to assure you that your confidentiality is our top priority.

Our online therapy sessions are conducted through secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platforms. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets strict standards for protecting the privacy and security of your healthcare information. This means that your online sessions are not only convenient but also completely secure.

During your sessions, you can speak openly and candidly with your therapist, knowing that your personal information and the content of your discussions will remain confidential. You can trust that your therapist is bound by ethical guidelines that require them to safeguard your privacy and not disclose any of your information without your explicit consent.

We have taken extra measures to ensure that your online therapy experience is as secure as possible.

Participating in online EMDR therapy with Makin Wellness requires the following equipment and technical considerations:

  1. Device:

    • Use a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a functional webcam and microphone for video conferencing. Choose a device that you are comfortable with and that meets the technical specifications of the chosen online therapy platform.
  2. Internet connection:

    • Ensure a reliable and high-speed internet connection to prevent disruptions during your session. Test your internet speed in advance to address any potential issues.
  3. Compatible browser or app:

    • Verify that your chosen device has a compatible browser or app for the online therapy platform. Download any necessary software or updates before your session.
  4. Headphones (optional):

    • While not mandatory, headphones can enhance your privacy during sessions, minimizing the chance of others overhearing your conversation.

By meeting these technical requirements, you can engage in online EMDR therapy with Makin Wellness seamlessly and focus on your journey to emotional health.

EMDR therapy can help you get unstuck.