Individualized Therapy

Through individualized counseling, Makin Wellness therapists can teach you how to develop insight into your own habits and routines to create awareness and action that are in alignment with your morals. All change happens right now and mindfulness can be a wonderful tool to help get you there.

Going through life with depression can be isolating and painful. But there is hope!

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Depression Therapy

Anxiety can cause your mind to spin out of control, taking a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. If you suffer from anxiety, you’re not alone.

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Anxiety Therapy

If you suffer from addiction , you are not alone. Addiction is a growing problem everywhere and no one is immune.

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Addiction Therapy

Makin Wellness offers the best eating disorder therapy in Pittsburgh, creating a safe and healthy, healing environment.

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Eating Disorder Therapy

Do you experience uncontrollable rage or anger? At Makin Wellness, we will help you deal with negative feelings before you react.

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Anger Management

Regardless of what has happened, every person experiences trauma and grief differently. They also cope differently. We will meet you half way...

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Grief & Trauma Therapy

Evidence shows that medical marijuana can be an effective option for those with trauma , anxiety or opioid addiction histories.

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Medical Marijuana Assisted Therapy

Does your relationship leave you feeling dissatisfied? Do you have resentment or anger for your partner? Let us help you break down the walls....

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Couples Counseling

At Makin Wellness, we see nutrition as a major component to your overall mental health and happiness.

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Nutritional Counseling

Online therapy provides a private and secure treatment option from the luxury of your own home.

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Online Therapy

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