7 Ways To Honor Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

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The History of Mental Health Month

mental health month celebration

Mental Health Month, observed every May, stands as a beacon of awareness, advocacy, and support for those struggling with mental health challenges worldwide. This observance traces its roots back to 1949 when Mental Health America (MHA), then known as the National Association for Mental Health, initiated Mental Health Week. They aimed to educate the public about mental illnesses and the importance of mental health. 

Over time, this annual campaign expanded into a month-long endeavor, gaining momentum across the globe. Mental Health Month serves as a platform to combat stigma, promote understanding, and encourage you and others to prioritize their mental health. Through various events, educational initiatives, and community discussions, Mental Health Month fosters an environment where you feel empowered to seek help, engage in self-care practices, and advocate for systemic changes in mental health care.

The Significance of Mental Health Month

The significance of Mental Health Month cannot be overstated in a world where mental health issues are pervasive. This observance plays a crucial role in dismantling the stigma surrounding mental illness, encouraging open dialogue, and promoting accessible resources for you and those in need. 

Mental Health Month helps to normalize discussions about mental health, encouraging you to prioritize your mental health just as you would your physical health. Moreover, this month-long campaign underscores the interconnectedness of mental health with other aspects of life, including relationships, work, and overall quality of life. Ultimately, Mental Health Month serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring you and others, communities, and policymakers to work together toward a future where mental health is recognized, respected, and prioritized on a global scale.

The theme for Mental Health Month this May is “Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World,” which reflects the constantly evolving nature of our world and how these changes affect our mental health, even if we don’t realize it. 

Mental Health America provides a toolkit that provides free resources and information about mental health, including where to find support for mental health challenges. 

In honor of Mental Health Month, the purpose of this blog is to explore 7 ways you can honor mental health month and to remind you of the importance of caring for yourself and seeking help through online therapy if you need support. 

7 ways to honor the Mental Health Month


1. Be seen in green

green is the official color of mental health awareness, which represents renewal, hope, and vitality. The simple act of wearing green in May shows that you understand the importance of mental health and that you advocate for and support mental health. 

You might even consider lighting your home or workplace in green. Mental Health America suggests you do this on May 16, which is Mental Health Action Day, although, you can choose any day in May that works for you.

2. Plan to virtually attend the Mental Health America Conference

Each year, thousands of Mental Health Advocates gather in Washington DC to explore different topics in the mental health realm and provide a space for meaningful discussion to address mental health needs for both individuals and communities. The conference is scheduled for September 2024 and can be accessed online. Topics this year include Community Responses to Disaster and Humanitarian Crises, Local Solutions to Equity Needs, Innovation in Mental Health, Substance Use and Mental Health, Advocacy and Policy, and Youth and Young Adults.

3. Attend a webinar

MHA sponsors webinars throughout the year on various mental-health-related topics. These webinars are presented by highly qualified professionals and you can sign up for free.

4. Take a mental health test

If you want to start taking your mental health seriously and you aren’t sure where to start, MHA offers free mental health tests to screen for a number of common mental health conditions. Knowing what you’re feeling gives you the power to take the next steps toward healing. These tests also serve as a great way to track your symptoms and see how they change over time.

5. Share a resource with a friend

If you have a friend or loved one that you think could benefit from some mental health intervention, don’t be afraid to share one of the resources linked in this blog with them. People who struggle with mental health issues often feel alone and misunderstood, so sharing a resource with them can help them feel seen. It can also get them on the right track to receive the help they need.

6. Use social media to spread the word

MHA encourages you to share mhanational.org/may in a social media post so that your friends can access all the webpages that have been created for Mental Health Month, which contain an abundance of resources for mental health. 

7. Talk to an online therapist

Online therapy is shown to be as effective as in-person therapy and has the added benefits of being accessible and convenient. You can be matched with a qualified therapist suited to your needs and scheduled by phone or video within 24 hours. The best way to honor Mental Health Month is to take care of your own mental health needs.

The benefits of online therapy


In addition to all the benefits of in-person therapy, online therapy fits well into busy schedules because it cuts down on commute times and can be easily squeezed into a busy workday. Online therapy is done from the comfort of your own home, where you likely feel more relaxed and at ease. Furthermore, online therapy is extremely private. You do not run the risk of seeing anybody you know, and practitioners are beholden to the same rules of client confidentiality.

Makin Wellness is a leading online therapy platform serving Pennsylvania, Florida, and Vermont, that gives you access to top-quality counselors and therapists. The steps are easy– you visit the Makin Wellness website, answer a brief questionnaire about yourself, and wait until you are matched to a mental health professional, usually within 24 hours. You then show up at your first visit by phone or video call. It’s that simple!

In honor of Mental Health Month, we want to encourage you to make your mental health a priority. Whatever you’re struggling with, Makin Wellness is here to help. Call or go online to get started.

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