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Relationships are crucial in improving our emotional well being, facilitating stability, and creating a sense of inclusivity. Effective stress management creates a balanced environment that promotes happiness and healthy habits.  The Makin Wellness Blog offers guides in developing behavioral, cognitive, and emotional well being all while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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  • Anger Management
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  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief & Trauma
  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
  • Stress & Anxiety
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avoidant attachment style, avoidant attachment Depression

What is My Attachment Style? Part 3: Avoidant Attachment Style

Do you often feel like you need to keep your distance from people and avoid closeness or intimacy in relationships? If so, you may have …

anxious attachment style. anxious attachment, attachment style Depression

What is My Attachment Style? Part 2: Anxious Attachment Style

Have you ever been in a good relationship but convinced yourself your partner would leave you because you argued? Do you need constant reassurance from …

secure attachment style, secure attachment, attachment style, attachment styles Depression

What is my Attachment Style? Part 1: Secure Attachment Style

Do you desire strong, trusting relationships that last throughout your life? Do you wish you could create healthy boundaries and maintain your identity, but find …

lovebomb Depression

Is it Love or a Lovebomb? How to Tell the Difference Between Manipulative Abuse and Real Love

Have you ever started a new relationship and thought the person was a little “too nice” or come on too strong? Has anyone tried to …

therapies for ocd, ocd symptoms, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression Depression

Therapies for OCD: Discover The 10 Best Standard and Alternative Options

Living with OCD in the form of obsessions, compulsions, anxiety or depression feels like a heavy rain cloud always over your head. But there is …

adhd symptoms Mental Health

The Truth About ADD: ADHD Symptoms and 4 Steps to Get Help

Do you often feel like you’re struggling to keep up with the world around you? Do your thoughts race faster than your ability to express …

sociopath vs psychopath Anger Management

Sociopath VS Psychopath: 7 Core Characteristics To Help You Know The Difference

Where have you heard the terms Sociopath and Psychopath Since the rise in popularity of crime documentaries and podcasts, it’s easy to be confused about …

feeling anxious for no reason Depression

Why Am I Feeling Anxious for No Reason? 6 Ways to Fix It

If you’re struggling with anxiety after a long winter, you’re not alone. For many people, the slightly warmer weather and longer days can make us …

sara makin hero image Wellness

Makin Wellness featured in Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

Sara Makin on the Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast In 2017, Sara Makin started Makin Wellness to revolutionize the mental health care space. She wanted others …

how to get an emotional support animal Depression

How To Get An Emotional Support Animal As Part Of Your Healing Process: 5 Essential Things to Consider

Are you unsure how to get an emotional support animal or if you could benefit from having one? If you’re struggling with mental health issues, …

how to deal with a narcissist Depression

How to Deal with a Narcissist: 6 Important Things to Keep in Mind

Have you ever felt like you were dealing with someone who is so self-centered and entitled that it’s hard to reason with them? Has this …

Mental Health

Start Online Therapy at Makin Wellness with Highmark Insurance Today: 3 Easy Steps!

Are you considering online therapy but wondering about the cost? Are you not sure where to start looking for Highmark insurance coverage or what services …