Mental Health Assessment for Court

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What’s a Mental Health Assessment for Court?

A court ordered mental health assessment can determine if there are any clinical underlying factors that may have influenced a legal situation. A judge or prosecutor may request an evaluation to increase understanding of any mental illnesses that have impacted an event. Some illnesses that may have an effect on this include depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and substance abuse, among others. It is necessary for a licensed clinician to perform an evaluation in order to determine if a mental illness exists. Having a mental health assessment is extremely important for providing appropriate treatment for the individual as well.

Why Does My Judge or Lawyer Want Me to Get One?

Even though it can seem intimidating to have your mental health questioned, it is in a judge or lawyer’s best interest to understand the reasons behind your offense. A mental health assessment gives you the option to have a better outcome towards your situation while also getting adequate treatment. This can also be seen as an effective way of reducing repeat offenses and helping you move your mental heath in a positive direction.

What is the Process of a Mental Health Assessment Like?

The process of receiving a mental health assessment can vary between 15-30 minutes,. You will first answer a brief questionnaire about your mental health and wellness then send us the results.  An additional session would be scheduled for  30-55 minutes, you will discuss the answers from the questionnaire with a professional counselor. Topics of discussion include your symptoms and severity levels, family history of mental illness, and other psychiatric concerns. Other questions may include personal regards to your childhood upbringing or past traumatic events. Your physical appearance and behavior plays an important role in your evaluation as well. A professional counselor will pay close attention to your overall mood, eye contact, posture, and body language. They may also analyze your ability to think and recall information by completing short tasks. Once the discussion is completed, a summation of your mental health report can be written by our evaluators. We can provide you with a court accepted document within one business week of your visit. If you need the results faster, we can rush your order for an additional $200.

How Soon Can I Get Started?Mental Health Assessment for Court

We can typically schedule mental health assessments within a week. Please contact our office at (412)-532-1249  to schedule according to your availability and preferred location. We also can conduct these assessments virtually if you prefer to do the evaluation online instead.

About Makin Wellness

Founded in 2017 , Makin Wellness is Pittsburgh’s premier therapy & coaching centers located in Downtown Pittsburgh and Downtown New Kensington. The company’s mission is to help people heal and become happy again.  Makin Wellness specializes in depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, medical marijuana assisted treatment and relationship counseling.

Sara Makin MSEd, LPC, NCC

Sara Makin MSEd, LPC, NCC

All articles are written in conjunction with the Makin Wellness Research Team.

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